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 I am the first company in Colorado to have this device! This is localized Cryotherapy! It’s not the big Cryo tanks you may have heard of or been in. This is direct therapy right where you need it. And this allows us to use pressurized CO2 that freezes fat cells and they die and your Lymphatic system flushes them out it’s that easy! Many will see results after just one treatment! #BodySculpting, #FatFreezing,

Read the comment section for a before and after pics of my actual client! Only $150 intro price to get whole stomach and sides Body Sculpted! Limited Apts available!

Help reduce cellulite. Sore back, knees, neck or anywhere you have inflammation! You can work on just one section or multiple areas needed at the same time! Helps psoriasis and eczema. This is huge it also has the ability to tighten skin so that double chin area or those jowls we all want to tighten around the neck it’s perfect for that! The list goes on and on for what it can do! I have priced this really well for what results can be achieved! These before and after pics are from a client of mine! And these are real no touch ups or tricks! I’m amazed how awesome the results are and so quickly! We are booking up so if you wanna get in on these introductory prices! Text or call today! 719-229-1014 Fountain of Youth Skin Care

This is before & after of a clie​nt after only 2 sessions! 

Cryo sculpting Prices

Stomach $150

Full Arms $100

Thighs $175 add Glutes $50

Full legs & thighs $225

Glutes $75 alone

Back $100 lowback upper

Knees $45

Neck & shoulders $75

Jowls and chin $40

Cryo facial $40

Tattoo brightening $45+

Scar reduction & stretch marks $45+

Hair stimulation (Growth) $45

Psoriasis and eczema


*Purchase any area in a package of 6 get 10% off total!

*Special full body $499

Save over $200+

Stomach and sides, thighs, Glutes, upper arms, low & upper back!

Pre-paid package full body

$2400 for 6 treatments

Only $400 each session.

Prices subject to change.